Shlomi Tachan

Shlomi 1 Shlomi has always had an affection for all things culinary. Some of his earliest childhood memories revolve around time spent in the kitchen.

Upon his completion of combat service in the IDF, Shlomi began pursuing this passion and joined the Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv as a restaurant manager. Before long, he was promoted to the food and beverage manager.

As the years went by, Shlomi’s career led him to Eilat, where he continued to learn and observe a variety of restaurant and culinary skills. He continued to manage restaurants and the food and beverage departments in several Isrotel chain hotels. Eventually, he became the general manager of the Royal Beach Eilat, Isrotel’s leading hotel, where he oversaw seven different restaurants.

Shlomi went on to perform as the CEO of the Jerusalem-based Elrov hotel chain for two years and later returned to Isrotel as Chief of Operation. A great part of Shlomi’s position includes ensuring the maintenance of high culinary standards, and instilling these principles throughout the chain’s kitchen and food departments. 

Some of Shlomi’s main areas of expertise are wine and coffee. Not long ago, Shlomi decided to hone his skills and love for the culinary in yet another dimension. He volunteered in a local bakery for a year. It was here that he mastered the art of baking.

Today, nothing makes Shlomi happier then baking a delicious dessert for his wife and three children and continuing to explore the rich and varied cuisines the world has to offer.