Roberto Hierro

RH GORoberto Hierro began his professional career 22 years ago as Executive Chef of one of the best restaurants in Santander, Spain called Gran Casino del Sardinero. Since then, Roberto has been able to combine the values of classic cuisine with the innovation of modern cuisine.

Roberto Hierro started to work for Grupo Lezama in 1989 as Executive Chef of Taberma del Alabardero in Madrid, Spain – the first and most important restaurant of Grupo Lezama

He has worked not only as an Executive Chef but also as a teacher and culinary adviser of many restaurants of Grupo Lezama, and he has participated in important culinary projects such as Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid.

Roberto has also been part of many food festivals in Spain and abroad (Noway, México, the United States), and has been part of the Culinary Congress in Madrid, Spain.

Now-a-days, Roberto combines his work as Executive Chef with the labor of teaching at the Grupo Lezama’s schools; an online school, Estudios Abiertos de Hostelería (ESAH) and Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo in Seville.

One of his well-known teaching projects was “Sancho Panza’s Project.” The goal of the Project was to provide training in Spanish cuisine to the detachment of the Spanish military that was sent to Lebanon for the purpose of cultural exchange.

Roberto Hierro has been the Executive Chef of Café de Oriente since 2014. Café de Oriente is one of the most emblematic restaurants in Madrid as their menu is constantly changing based on new culinary trends. In 2016, Roberto Hierro was instrumental in adding Kosher cuisine to their menu. Café de Oriente has the Official Kosher Certification and supervision of the Rabinnate of Madrid.

Twitter: @ChefCafeOriente