Osama Dalal

osama1 1Osama Dalal is a Tel Aviv based chef and restaurateur.  Originally from Acre/Akko, his love of food was awakened first by his grandmother, whose home extended directly over the sea. Cooking with his grandmother was Osama’s version of culinary school.  Although he has no ‘formal’ training, he has been preparing meals with her since he was 16.

Osama opened his first restaurant, a tapas joint, inside an old Turkish bazaar in Acre. He took his family’s recipes and reworked them as creative small plates. He noticed that most of his customers were primarily day-trippers from Tel Aviv and decided to open a restaurant, Maiar, in Tel Aviv, where he prepares dishes that are influenced by his roots and inspired by his hometown.

Facebook: Maiar 
Instagram: @osama_dalal