Giovanni Terracina

Giovanni-Terracina-for websiteGiovanni was born in Rome to an ancient Jewish Roman family who are able to trace their roots in Rome back through the 15th century. After earning a diploma from the Roman Hotel and Catering School, he began a series of apprenticeships in various hotels and restaurants around the city. In 1985, Giovanni moved to Israel for two years to live on Kfar Etzion Kibbutz.

He returned to Rome and started collaboration with the Union of Jewish Italian Communities, taking care of the rebirth of the small Jewish communities throughout Italy. He also began assisting the rabbinic office of the Roman Jewish Community as the supervisor of kosher law – which shaped two main elements of his career: the practice of classic international cuisine and in-depth knowledge of Jewish tradition, particularly as it relates to food and wine pairing.

In 1992, he co-founded King David Catering s.r.l. (also known as Le Bon Ton) which quickly became a landmark caterer for the Roman and Italian-Jewish communities. The company has become the go-to caterer for all international Jewish organizations and has served its food to all Israeli Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chief Rabbi that have visited Italy since the founding of the company.

In order to pursue his passion for pairing great wine and food, Giovanni acquired the rights for exclusive sales of several Italian and international kosher wines known for their high quality. He has also contributed to a number of cook books including – “My Jewish-Roman Cuisine” {Logart ed.} and “The Kosher Diet” {La Guintina ed.}. Giovanni is also sought out for teaching kosher food courses, speeches and television shows as well as organizing Gusto Kosher event in Rome every November, dedicated to Jewish cuisine and wine.

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