Daniela Di Veroli

di VEroli_Daniela

Daniela is a Professional Personal Chef, based out of Milan Italy. She is a member of the National Italian Federation of Chefs and specializes in Kosher catering in Italy and the French Riviera. Daniela caters meals for Embassies and Consulates – Israel, Turkey, and Poland – and public institutions. She is a chef-instructor in multiple cooking schools, including Kitchen and Eataly in Milan.

Daniela does several high-profile cooking demonstrations at festivals and national/international events including at the Israel Pavilion at the recent Expo in Milan. She produces conferences on Jewish food traditions and has made multiple appearances on television as well as having published multiple recipes in La Cucina Italiana.

Daniela has worked with many renowned chefs in Italy including the Michelin three-star chef, Heinz Beck on a gala lunch during the Expo.  She loves to explore different cultures and food, using local ingredients with an Italian flare.

Instagram: @danieladiveroli