Antonio Piña Florit

florit_antonio Pina (002)Pinjás Ben Abraham (Antonio Piña Florit) – Toni Piña

Chef Toni Piña is from Mallorca and has worked as an Executive Chef in many hotels in Palma de Mallorca. He has participated in many gastronomy focused TV and Radio programs and produced multiple culinary events about Mediterranean food throughout Europe and Japan. Chef has also authored multiple cook books and articles.

He has worked as a chef instructor at Escuela de Hostelaría CAIB Universidad Illes Balears, IES Guillen Colom, and currently works as a Hospitality Professor at the Escuela Superior de Hosteleria y Turismo de Sevilla. Throughout his career, he has won numerous prizes for his cuisine and for his books, including the 2002 Gold Medal from the National Cooks Association of Japan.

Fun fact: Chef is the co-author of a special isotonic drink for athletes with the biochemistry department of the University of the Balearic Islands.